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O3M SAF (EUMETSAT's Satellite Application Facility on Ozone- and Atmospheric Chemistry Monitoring)

Andy Delcloo, Hugo De Backer
Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
Ringlaan 3
B-1180 Uccle

Contact: Andy Delcloo


EUMETSAT and the O3MSAF leading entity (FMI), signed an agreement for Continuous Development and Operations Phase 2. This phase started 1 March 2012 and will last for the next five years. 

The Satellite Application Facility on Ozone- and Atmospheric Chemistry Monitoring (O3MSAF) is a consortium of 11 EUMETSAT member states and other scientific institutes. Its aim is to complement the production of standard meteorological products derived from satellite data. The Ozone SAF will be responsible for the processing of data on ozone, other trace gases, aerosols and ultraviolet data obtained from satellite instrumentation.

The Ozone SAF will use observations of the atmosphere performed by the future EUMETSAT METOP satellites to derive information about the ozone content of the atmosphere useful for meteorological applications and climate/ozone layer monitoring.

Within CDOP 1, products were exclusively derived from the GOME-2 instrument. Within the next phase, also products from the IASI instrument will be generated.

At RMI, we are responsible for the validation of the GOME-2 and IASI ozone profile products, which are generated by teams at respectively KNMI and ULB/LATMOS. For this validation work, the satellite retrieved ozone profiles are compared with other ozone observations obtained with ozonesondes, in Uccle and around the world.

Also other trace gases like NO2, formaldehyde are validated at our institute, using a chemical transport model.

RMI also has a dedicated webpage to the O3MSAF work, available on

You will find more information on the Ozone SAF web pages. Information about SAF's in general and about the METOP satellite are available on the EUMETSAT home pages.