Ozone, UV and Aerosol studies

Publications 2019

Papers with peer review

  • Herenz, P., Wex, H., Mangold, A., Laffineur, Q., Gorodetskaya, I. V., Fleming, Z. L., Panagi, M., and Stratmann, F.: CCN measurements at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica research station during three austral summers, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 19, 275-294,, 2019.
  • Thompson, A.M., H.G. Smit, J.C. Witte, R.M. Stauffer, B.J. Johnson, G. Morris, P. von der Gathen, R. Van Malderen, J. Davies, A. Piters, M. Allaart, F. Posny, R. Kivi, P. Cullis, N.T. Hoang Anh, E. Corrales, T. Machinini, F.R. da Silva, G. Paiman, K. Thiong’o, Z. Zainal, G.B. Brothers, K.R. Wolff, T. Nakano, R. Stübi, G. Romanens, G.J. Coetzee, J.A. Diaz, S. Mitro, M. Mohamad, and S. Ogino, 2019: Ozonesonde Quality Assurance: The JOSIE–SHADOZ (2017) Experience. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 100, 155–171,


  • M. Hervo, A. Haefele, R. Ruefenacht, M. Turp, J. L. Lampin, M. Haeffelin, I. Mattis, E. Hopkin, S. Kotthaus, W. Thomas, A. Mortier, Q. Laffineur, M. J. de Haij, S. Itsvan, D. Martin, and P. Skrivankov, Long-Range Smoke Transport: Monitoring with the New European Automatic Lidar Network—E-PROFILE, 99th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, 6-10 January 2019, Phoenix, USA.
  • Pottiaux E., Van Malderen R., Klos A., Alshawaf F., Bock O., Bogusz J., Chimani B., Domonkos P., Elias M., Guijarro J.A., Ning T., Tornatore V., and Kazanci S.Z., Towards the Homogenization of GNSS Tropospheric Delay Time Series: Status and Recent Developments, EGU General Assembly 2019, Vienna, Austria, 7-12 April 2019 (pdf, abstract
  • Mangold, A., A. Delcloo, Q. Laffineur, V. De Bock, N. Steenhuyzen, B. Van Dijck, Characterisation of light-absorbing atmospheric particles in the Brussels sub-urban atmosphere, European Federation of Clean Air and Environmental Protection Associations (EFCA), 7th International symposium on Ultrafine Particles, Air Quality and Climate, 15-16 May 2019, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Mangold, A., Measurements of atmospheric particles in Antarctica: what even a low number of particles can tell us about the Antarctic atmsophere, Nanoparticles and air quality (talk in French), Seminar of TSI, JJBos, 21 May 2019, Ottignies-Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium.
  • Q. Laffineur, F. Debal, A. Mangold, M. Reyniers, L. Delobbe and H. De Backer, Observation of narrow bands of heavy snow: two rare cases of snowfall impacted by industrial heat rejection in Europe, 11th International Symposium on Tropospheric Profiling (ISTP), 20-24 May 2019, Toulouse, France. 



  • Laffineur Q., Mangold A., Gellens-Meulenberghs F., Hamdi R., Van Bocxlaer B. and De Backer H., Seasonal variability of the boundary layer growth from ceilometer and eddy-covariance measurements over a suburban site close to Brussels, EGU General Assembly 2019, Vienna, Austria, 7-12 April 2019
  • Souverijns N., Gossart A., Mangold A., Laffineur Q., Herenz P., Wex H., Gorodetskaya I., Eirund G., Possner A. and Va Lipzig N.,The impact of aerosols on clouds in the pristine environment of East Antarctica, EGU General Assembly 2019, Vienna, Austria, 7-12 April 2019
  • De Bock V., Pardo Cantos I., Laffineur Q., Mangold A., Tilstra G., Tuinder O. and Delcloo A., Validation of the Absorbing Aerosol Height product from GOME-2 using CALIOP data, EGU General Assembly 2019, Vienna, Austria, 7-12 April 2019
  • Smit H.G.J., Van Malderen R., Hendrick F., Piters A., Wang Y., Thouret V., Godin-Beekmann S., Skrivankova P., Franke P., Costa M.J., Kostadinov I., Belegante L., Vigouroux C., Van Roozendael M., Veefkind P., Eskes H., Wagner T., Tarasick D., Stauffer R., and Querel R., HELSTOP: A Project Design for the Harmonization and Evaluation of Lower Stratospheric and Tropospheric Ozone Vertical Profiles, EGU General Assembly 2019, Vienna, Austria, 7-12 April 2019 (pdf, abstract)
  • Van Malderen R., Pottiaux E., Stankunavicius G., Beirle S., Wagner T., Brenot H., and Bruyninx C., Interpreting the time variability of integrated water vapour retrievals using local meteorological data and teleconnection indices, EGU General Assembly 2019, Vienna, Austria, 7-12 April 2019 (pdf, abstract)
  • Poyraz D., Van Malderen R., De Backer H., De Muer D., Delcloo A., Verstraeten W., Mangold A., De Bock V., and Laffineur Q., 50 years of balloon borne ozone profile measurements at Uccle, Belgium, PICO-presentation at EGU General Assembly 2019, Vienna, Austria, 7-12 April 2019 (pdf, abstract)