Ozone, UV and Aerosol studies

ESA-CCI project

Andy Delcloo, Hugo De Backer
Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium
Ringlaan 3
B-1180 Uccle

Contact: Andy Delcloo


The ozone layer protects life on Earth from ultraviolet solar radiation and plays an important role on the radiation budget of the atmosphere. Its evolution is intimately coupled to climate change.Ozone-CCI aims at generating new high-quality satellite data sets that are essential to assess the fate of atmospheric ozone and better understand its link with anthropogenic activities.

The Ozone-CCI project is part of the ESA Program on Global Monitoring of Essential Climate Variables (ECV), better known as the Climate Change Initiative (CCI), initiated in 2010.

The CCI Program wants to contribute to the data bases collecting Essential Climate Variables (ECV) required by the United Nations Framework Convention of Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the International Panel on Climate Change.
In particular, Ozone-CCI will:

  • Analyze the needs of the climate research community in terms of Ozone data.
  • Adapt the Ozone satellite measurements for their use by the climate research community.
  • Use Ozone data available in the ESA Earth observation archive, as well as Ozone data from Third Party Missions (TPM). (TPM data come from instruments owned by other parties than ESA)

Three main product lines will be developed:

  • Total ozone from nadir UV backscatter sensors
  • Ozone profiles from nadir UV backscatter sensors
  • Ozone profiles from limb and occultation sensors


RMI is a partner within this consortium. More information can be found on  the ESA -CCI website