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Aerosol research at RMIB

A first study during ESAC-II derived the aerosol optical depth from the direct sun observations with the Brewer spectrophotometer.

This work was further elaborated in the project AERO that further developed the technique and validated the results.

We participated in the aerosol subgroup of the GEMS project. The task of our institute was to carry out validation of the output of the aerosol module of the ECMWF atmospheric model.

Within the  BELATMOS project, we established an observatory at the Belgian Antarctic research station Princess Elisabeth for the long-term monitoring of total ozone, UV radiation and the atmospheric aerosol composition. Our atmospheric research in Antarctica is continued within the AEROCLOUD project, aiming at investigating how aerosols and clouds affect the climate in East Antarctica.

Also within AGACC-II (and the previous project AGACC), aerosols and their optical properties are being studied.