About RMI

Who are we?

The Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (RMI) is a scientific institute, engaged in meteorology and depending from Mrs. Sophie Wilmès, Minister of the Budget and of the Civil Service, in charge of the National Lottery and of the Science Policy.


What do we do?

You want to know what weather is expected tomorrow?
We predict and announce the weather to the public and the authorities. We warn you from the moment the weather might cause damage in Belgium, for example thunder storms, heat waves, hail, storms…

Your house or company has been damaged?

We deliver official certificates for the assurance companies. Furthermore, we also deliver climatological information to the disaster fund, researchers, universities, companies and to whoever asks for it.

You ask yourself questions about the hole in the ozone layer?

We too!
We do scientific research in the field of the ozone layer, but as well of the climate, meteorological satellites and radars, ICT- programs offering meteorological forecasts …


How many are we?

About 200 persons in total work at RMI, at the site in Uccle and in Dourbes. Next to it, there are 280 voluntary observers who daily inform us of their observations.
Many thanks to these passionates!


Legal reference (Royal decree n° 504 of 31 December 1986)