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17 October 2022

The final report for the Belspo Brain-be project CHASE is ready. It is available on the 'Results' subpage.

23 May 2022

Currently we are in our last phase of the project and we are writing the final report. We are planning also a scientific workshop in October, not only for the CHASE partners, but also open for the interested scientific community. We will inform on it as soon as we have the final location.

16 November 2021

Last week, the first technical team arrived at Princess Elisabeth station Antarctica. They have been busy to put the station back into operational mode. This season, two of our research colleagues, Preben Van Overmeiren of Ghent University and Andy Delcloo of our institute, will travel to the station. Their planned flight from Cape Town, South Africa, to Antarctica is on 7 December. They will, in additon to the work for the CLIMB project, finish the last tasks for this CHASE project.  We will keep you updated on this website on the activities during this season.

26 April 2021

On Friday 23 April, our samples arrived finally. The snow samples, INP samples and samples for organic analyses arrived with a cooled container (-25°C) which was shipped to Belgium by sea. We unloaded as fast as possible the container at ULB and the samples are now stored in the freezers of Ghent University and ULB.

Sounding of 1 December 2020 at PEA
Sounding of 3 December at PEA

27 November 2020

The first team arrived yesterday evening at Princess Elisabeth station. We will keep you updated on the activities.

23 November 2020

A new summer season with a Belgian Antarctic Research expedition (BELARE) is about to start. Even during this period of Covid-19, Belgian researchers and station team members will stay at the Princess Elisabeth station. At the moment, the whole group stays in Cape Town, South Africa, in quarantine and will probably fly on 26 November to Antarctica. The specific measures taken by the expedition operator can be read on the station’s website, on which also the general activities at Princess Elisabeth station can be followed.
For the CHASE project Preben Van Overmeiren from Ghent University participates in this expedition, like last season. A colleague from IASB-BIRA, Alexis Merlaud, is also participating, mainly working on a new project (CLIMB), but also helping with the work for CHASE and the existing instrumentation of RMI, IASB-BIRA, KU Leuven, ULB and Ghent University. Both will stay until around 20 December at the station. On the ‘Belare20-21’ subpage, updates on the expedition will be posted. On the ‘Blogs’ subpage links to several further blogs can be found.


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