Ozone, UV and Aerosol studies


Dr. Quentin Laffineur

  • Responsible for the processing of the LIDAR data
  • PI for the EUNADICS-AV project

Dr. Deniz Poyraz

  • In-depth analysis of the Jülich Ozonesonde Intercomparison Experiment (JOSIE) measurements
  • Exploitation of the Uccle ozonesonde data

Dr. Roeland Van Malderen

  • Responsible for the ozone soundings program
  • Principal scientist for the STCEO3 project.
  • Exploitation (homogenization, time series analysis) of Integrated Water Vapour measurements by different devices (GPS, satellite, etc.)

Dr. ir. Andy Delcloo

  • unit head 'Dispersion and Atmospheric Composition'
  • Responsible for the AC SAF project
  • Coordinator RETROPOLLEN project
  • PI for the RespirIT project
  • PI for the CHEOPS-5P project
  • PI for the CHASE project
  • PI for the CLIMB project
  • Responsible for the modelling of dispersion, trajectory calculations and chemical transport modelling.

Dr. Karen De Causmaecker

  • Principal scientist  for the CHASE project
  • Principal scientist  for the CLIMB project

Dr. Alexander Mangold

  • Principal scientist for the aerosol studies relevant to the AC SAF project.
  • Principal scientist for RMI's atmospheric research at the Belgian Antarctic research station Princess Elisabeth
  • PI for the CHASE project
  • PI for the CLIMB project
  • Principal scientist for the ACTRIS in-situ aerosol measurements of RMI at Uccle

Dr. ir. Willem Verstraeten

  • Principal scientist for the RespirIT project.
  • Principal scientist & co-PI of the RETROPOLLEN project.

Ozone sounding operators

Roger Ameloot, Kevin Knockaert, Frédéric Jamar

Former staff

Dr. Hugo De Backer (retired), Dr. Veerle De Bock (moved within RMI)


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