Ozone, UV and Aerosol studies


Dr. ir. Andy Delcloo

  • unit head ACM² group
  • Responsible for the AC SAF project
  • PI for the DEODE project, WP7 (Air Quality)
  • Coordinator RETROPOLLEN project
  • PI for the CHEOPS-5P project
  • Responsible for the modelling of dispersion, trajectory calculations and chemical transport modelling.

Dr. Karen De Causmaecker

  • Principal scientist  for the CHASE project
  • Principal scientist  for the CLIMB project

Dr. Quentin Laffineur

  • Responsible for the processing of the LIDAR data
  • PI for the EUNADICS-AV project

ir. Natacha Pezzetti

  • Working on UV-index and AOD

Dr. Alexander Mangold

  • Principal scientist for the aerosol studies relevant to the AC SAF project
  • Principal scientist for the Brewer ozone spectrophotometers of RMI
  • Principal scientist for RMI's atmospheric research at the Belgian Antarctic research station Princess Elisabeth
  • Principal scientist for the ACTRIS in-situ aerosol measurements of RMI at Uccle
  • PI for the PASPARTOUT project
  • PI for the CLIMB project

Dr. Roeland Van Malderen

Dr. ir. Willem Verstraeten

  • Principal scientist for the RespirIT project.
  • Principal scientist & co-PI of the RETROPOLLEN project.

Dr. ir. Simon Whitburn

  • Principle Scientist for the FedTwin ROLLS project

Ozone sounding operators

Former staff

Hugo De Backer (retired), Deniz Poyraz, Veerle De Bock (moved within RMI), Joris Van Bever, Anne Cheymol, René Lemoine, Henk Schets and Hans Plets.


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