Ozone, UV and Aerosol studies

Radio soundings in Belgium

The Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium launches radiosondes from its site at Uccle 3 times a week, and only in tandem with ozonesondes. So, the focus of the radiosonde launches at Uccle is really on the measurement of the vertical distribution of the ozone concentration in the atmosphere. Given the time variability of the ozone layer, this frequency of launches is high enough for monitoring the stratospheric (and tropospheric) ozone amounts. However, for weather forecast purposes, a higher launch frequency is necessary. The RMI terminated its operational launch of radiosondes twice a day in November 2001.

However, at Beauvechain, daily around midnight, radiosonde launches are operated in collaboration between the Meteo Wing (the meteorological service of the Belgium Defence) and the Belgian civil aviation service Skeyes. The RMI is responsible for the distribution of those radiosonde data via the Global Telecommunications System (GTS), so that the data can be used in the numerical weather prediction models.

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