Ozone, UV and Aerosol studies

Scientific publications 2011

A. Delcloo, Validation of vertical ozone profiles, 9th CDOP PT Meeting, 3 October 2011, FMI, Helsinki, FInland.

A. Delcloo and H. De Backer, Homogeneity of the long term ozonesonde observation record in the troposphere and the stratosphere for Uccle,SPARC/IOC/WMO-IGACO workshop on Past Changes in the Vertical Distribution of Ozone, 25-27 January 2011, Geneva, Switserland.

Mangold, A., Aerosol- und Ozonmessung in der Antarktis, Kick-Off Event GLOBE program, German-speaking community of Belgium, 7.-9. November 2011, Eupen, Belgium.

Van Malderen R., Brenot H., Pottiaux E., De Mazière M., Hermans C., De Backer H., and Bruyninx C., "Integrated water vapour time series: instrumental inter-comparisons and trends", WaVaCS Final  Workshop, Paris, 26-28 September 2011.

Van Malderen R., Delcloo A., De Backer H., "Tropospheric ozone measurements at Uccle", Ozone sonde Data Quality Assessment Workshop, Boulder, 18-19 October 2011.


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