Ozone, UV and Aerosol studies

Scientific publications 2012

Brenot H., Champollion C., Deckmyn A., Van Malderen R., Kumps N., Warnant R., De Mazière M., "Humidity 3D field comparisons between GNSS tomography, IASI satellite observations and ALARO model", EGU General Assembly 2012, Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 14, EGU2012-4285, 2012

Andy Delcloo, Lucia Kins and Olaf Tuinder, Validation of GOME-2 ozone profiles, using ozonedes, MICROWAVE- and LIDAR data,  ESA-ATMOS conference, Bruges, 18-22 June, Belgium, 2012

Gorodetskaya, I., Van Lipzig, N.P.M., Ralph, F.M., Wick, G.A., Tsukernik, M., Delcloo, A. Mangold, A. and W.D. Neff, The role of atmospheric rivers in accumulation in Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica, Proceedings of 7th Antarctic Meteorological Observation, Modeling and Forecasting Workshop, July 9-11, 2012, Boulder, Colorada, USA, 2012.

Van Malderen, R., E. Pottiaux, H. Brenot and S. Beirle, "Evaluating the potential of integrated water vapour data from ground-based, in-situ, and satellite-based observing techniques", WMO Technical Conference on meteorological and environmental instruments and methods of observation, 16-18 October 2012, Brussels, Belgium


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