Ozone, UV and Aerosol studies

Scientific publications 2013

A.W. Delcloo, R. Hamdi, A. Deckmyn, H. De Backer, G. Foret, P. Termonia and H. Van Langenhove, A one year evaluation of the CTM CHIMERE using SURFEX/TEB within the high resolution NWP models ALARO and ALADIN for Belgium,  International Technical Meeting on Air Pollution Modelling and its Application, 25-30 August 2013, Miami, USA.

Andy Delcloo, Diego Loyola, Olaf Tuinder and Pieter Valks, Validation of GOME-2/METOP-A and GOME-2/METOP-B Tropospheric ozone column products, using balloon sounding data, , EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite conference,16-20 September 2013, Vienna, Austria

Gorodetskaya, I., Van Lipzig, N., Maahn, M., Van Tricht, K., Kneifel, S., Mangold, A., Schween, J., Lenaerts, J. and Van den Broeke, M.R., Cloud and precipitation properties in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, from ground-based remote sensing and Regional Climate Model RACMO2: A case study during March 2010, Air, Ice and Process Interactions, Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly 2013, July 8-12, Davos, Switzerland, 2013.

Hubert D., Verhoelst T., Keppens A., Granville J., Lambert J.-C., Allaart M., Deshler T., Johnson B., Kivi R., Schmidlin F., Smit H., Steinbrecht W., Stübi R., Tarasick D., Thompson A., Tully M., Van Malderen R., and von der Gathen P., "Assessment of the internal consistency of the NDACC ozonesonde network by comparison with the satellite system of ozone profilers",  Atmospheric Composition Validation and Evolution (ACVE) Workshop, ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, 13-15 March 2013.

Laffineur Q., De Backer H., Nemeghaire J., and Debal F., "Illustration of physical processes with LIDAR ceilometer measurements", Third Joint Meeting on meteorological applications and forecasts including warnings, Brussels, Belgium, 21-22 November 2013.

Van Malderen R., Brenot H., Pottiaux E., Beirle S., Hermans C., De Mazière M., Wagner T., De Backer H., and Bruyninx C., "Evaluating satellite retrievals of Integrated Water Vapour data by co-located ground-based devices for climate change analysis", Joint EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conference & the 19th Satellite Meteorology, Oceanography, and Climatology Conference of the American Meteorological Society, Vienna, 16-20 September 2013

Van Malderen R., Pottiaux E., and Brenot H., "Report on the workshop on Water Vapour, Meteorology, and Climate", STCE Annual Meeting, Brussels, Belgium, 7 June 2013

Van Malderen R., Pottiaux E., Brenot H., Beirle S., Wagner T., Hermans C., De Mazière M., De Backer H., and Bruyninx C, "The Integrated Water Vapour project in Belgium: techniques intercomparison and time series analysis", COST Action GNSS4SWEC (advanced Global Navigation Satellite Systems tropospheric products for monitoring Severe Weather Events and Climate) Workshop, Valencia, 16-18 October 2013


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