Ozone, UV and Aerosol studies

Scientific publications 2014

Brenot, H., Errera, Q., Champollion, C., Verhoelst, T., Kumps, N., Van Malderen, R., and Van Roozendael, M., "GNSS tomography and optimal geometrical setting to retrieve water vapour density of the neutral atmosphere", European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2014, Vienna, Austria, 27 April – 2 May 2014

De Bock, V., AGACC-II: Advanced exploitation of Ground-based measurements for Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate applications - II: RMI project results, RMI conference, Uccle, Belgium, December 10, 2014.

Andy Delcloo, The Use of a Dispersion Model at RMI in an Operational Context, Belgian Nuclear Society Workshop, 27 November 2014, Ukkel, RMI, Belgium.

Andy Delcloo and Rafiq Hamdi, Modelling of aerosols during current and future climate, using the CTM CHIMERE, coupled to the high resolution ALARO NWP model, 25th GLOREAM-EURASAP Workshop on Tropospheric Chemical Transport Modelling, 6 - 7 November 2014, Aveiro, Portugal.

De Rudder, A., Lambert, J.-C., Scory, S., Nemry, M., Van Malderen, R., and Delobbe, L., "Towards a Portal to Atmospheric and Marine Information Resources (PAMIR)", INSPIRE Conference 2014, Aalborg, Denmark, 18-20 June 2014

Laffineur, Q. and Haeffelin, M. (given by Haeffelin M.), Investigate fog prediction capabilities of ALC profiles, COST ES1303-TOPROF WG meeting, Roskilde, November 18-20, 2014.

Mangold, A., Atmospheric Aerosol in Antarctica – measurements under particular conditions, TSI Workshop‚ Nanoparticles: Basics, Application and Measurement solutions, 24 June 2014, Best, Netherlands.

Mangold, A., Atmospheric composition at Princess Elisabeth – results of last seasons and outlook, Antarctica – The Next Generation conference, 17 September 2014, Brussels, Belgium.

Van Malderen, R., "A literature survey on Integrated Water Vapour (IWV) intercomparison studies", keynote presentation at the State of the art workshop of the COST action GNSS4SWEC, Munich, Germany, 26-28 February 2014

Van Malderen, R. (given by O. Bock), "Inventory of IWV intercomparison sites and papers", COST action GNSS4SWEC WG meeting, Varna, Bulgaria, 11-12 September 2014

Van Malderen, R., Pottiaux, E., Brenot, H., Beirle, S., Wagner, T., De Backer, H., Bruyninx, C. (given by H. Brenot), "An integrated water vapour trends analysis based on more than 15 years of world-wide GPS and GOME/SCHIAMACHY/GOME-2 retrievals", NORS/NDAAC/GAW workshop, Brussels, 5-7 November 2014


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